KILL la KILL Episode 4

Added: October 24, 2013

While Senketsu is laundered, Ryuko is faced with "No-Late Day", a school event where students must avoid expulsion by navigating a trap-filled obstacle course and reach school on time. She and Mako make their way across the perilous course along with their injured classmate Maiko Ogure, while Mako's family attempt to deliver Senketsu to Ryuko. After hijacking an armored bus, the girls manage to make it to the school grounds with 15 minutes left. However, Maiko reveals herself to be a member of the disciplinary committee, who steals Senketsu and puts him on in a bid to overthrow Satsuki. However, Senketsu immobilizes her and allows Ryuko to retrieve him. With five minutes remaining, Maiko sets off one more trap to send Ryuko and Mako back to the start of the course. They two reach class on time using an express cable car, while Ira Gamagoori, the disciplinary committee chair and one of the Elite Four, expels Maiko for her treachery.

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