KILL la KILL Episode 12

Added: December 19, 2013

As Ryuko furiously attacks her, Nui recalls how she killed Isshin with the Rending Scissors he himself created and stole one of its blades, having her left eye slashed in the process. The boiling blood of Ryuko's rage has an adverse effect on Senketsu, causing him to go berserk and consume her, resulting in a monstrous form. Mako and her family head towards the scene in order to save Ryuko from dying of blood loss, while Tsumugu tries to draw Nui away to give Aikuro the opportunity to use the adhesive bullet on Ryuko. Satsuki dons her Kamui in order to stop Ryuko, but it is Mako who manages to slap Ryuko to her senses and return her to her normal self, saving her life. Angered by Nui's interference, Satsuki bans her from the school grounds. A few days later, as Ryuko recovers from her battle, Satsuki reveals that she was the one who ordered Nui to steal the sword scissors from Isshin, before announcing that Ryuko's battles with the Elite Four have helped her perfect the Goku Uniforms so that they can take over every school that opposes them.

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