Hikaru no Go Episode 17

Added: January 21, 2014

At the tournament, players who have followed Sai's games on the internet realize that others are also trying to discover his identity. Several players say that Sai is stronger than any other player they had faced. A Korean player informs the rest that his friend Yu, a 7-dan pro, lost to Sai so he can't be an amateur. Though Waya believes that Sai is a child, Seiji Ogata says that he is the spirit of the legendary Go player Shusaku Honinbo, (which is technically true, as Sai was the spirit behind Shusaku) recognizing his increased skill in every online game. The commotion catches Akira's attention, and after playing an online game with Sai, he is strongly reminded one of his previous matches with Hikaru. After Akira resigns from the online match, Waya becomes irritated by this.

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