KILL la KILL Episode 18

Added: February 13, 2014

After freeing all the trapped students and citizens from the Life Fibers, the Elite Four fight against Nui while Mako helps with the evacuation. Meanwhile, Satsuki reveals how Ragyo had used her in Life Fiber experiments, along with her newborn sister, who was discarded by Ragyo when the experiment allegedly failed. However, Ragyo, who is able to heal her injuries, breaks free and takes control of the students, turning them into her personal army. As Aikuro and Tsumugu fight against them, Ragyo takes control of Ryuko, pitting her against Satsuki, but Ryuko manages to break out of it with her own will. Ryuko fights against Nui while Satsuki goes to fight Ragyo, slicing off her head. However, Ragyo survives due to her Life Fiber being unsevered, completely overpowering Satsuki and stealing her Junketsu for herself. As an army of Covers appear in the sky, Ragyo pulls out Ryuko's heart, which is covered in Life Fibers, revealing her to be Ragyo's presumed deceased daughter.

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