KILL la KILL Episode 20

Added: February 27, 2014

Paper clones of Ragyo and Nui appear before Ryuko, coaxing her into travelling to Honnouji Academy to confront them. Rejecting any help from the others, Ryuko heads off on her own. After hacking into Honnouji's security cameras and finding Satsuki's location, Ryuko's allies notice from Satsuki's actions that she is planning something. With renewed resolve, they set forth on Aikuro's Naked Sol warship and head towards Honnouji Academy to join the fight. Ryuko arrives and takes on Nui, who is also revealed to have a Life Fiber body. Ragyo ensnares Ryuko and forces her to wear Junketsu, which starts to rewrite her memories to make her believe she was lovingly raised by Ragyo all her life. Meanwhile, Satsuki escapes from her imprisonment and rejoins Nudist Beach on the Sol. As Ryuko, now clad in Junketsu, arrives on the ship to attack, Satsuki dons Senketsu and confronts Ryuko.

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