Princess Tutu Episode 5

Added: March 4, 2014

Rue looks through The Prince and the Raven, and is confronted by Fakir. She hints that Princess Tutu may be real. Meanwhile, Duck learns about the Fire Festival. Duck has been charged with cleaning the room of the advanced class. She arrives at the classroom and finds Mytho, dressed in Festival garb, awaiting Rue to practice together. Since she is absent, he decides to dance with Duck instead, to her joy. Fakir sees the two and confronts Mytho, telling him to just listen to him. The two leave and Rue appears. The two talk for a few moments, and Duck goes out in search of Mytho. As punishment for not listening to him, Fakir locks Mytho in a closet. Outraged, Duck tries to open the locked door, and lets slip that she knows that Mytho is regaining the pieces of his heart. Fakir becomes suspicious and questions her. Duck discovers that both Rue and Fakir know about Mytho being the Prince from the story. Fakir aggressively tells Duck that Mytho does not need a heart. In the closet, Mytho hears a voice talking to him from a strange glowing panel in the floor. Edel appears once more, and points out an open window that Duck can go through. She does and she falls onto the glowing panel, which opens and causes her to tumble down into some catacombs. She goes in search of Mytho, and a voice begins telling her riddles. She gets them all wrong, but finds the room Mytho is in, regardless, and gets locked in the room. She transforms into Princess Tutu, and finally gets that the answer to the riddles, revealing the voice as a lamp with a piece of heart. Tutu dances while the lamp spotlights her. The lamp reveals that she once shone for people, but was cast aside. She now wants Mytho so that she can shine for him. Tutu talks the lamp into releasing Mytho, and promises to take the lamp with her. Mytho’s feeling of affection is returned to him. Rue, waiting for Mytho at the plaza even after the festival ends, finally turns to leave but finds Mytho in her path. They dance while Duck looks on, lamp in hand. Smiling, Rue looks up at Mytho, to find him looking at her with gentle eyes. His emotion surprises her, and she runs away. Fakir is seen glaring, and Duck looks unhappily after Rue.

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