Princess Tutu Episode 14

Added: March 4, 2014

The beginning starts with Duck dreaming of dancing with Mytho as herself, not Princess Tutu, until he makes the mark for death and turns into an injured Fakir. Shocked, Duck wakes and recalls what happened when she saved Mytho from Princess Kraehe. Later in the day Duck bumps into Mytho and Fakir and contemplates telling Mytho everything, but Fakir distracts Mytho so she can keep the fact she is a duck a secret from Mytho. Fakir wonders why Mytho does not want to know Princess Tutu's real identity, but Mytho tells him it doesn't matter because he believes she will tell him herself one day after he has gotten all of his heart back. Drosslemeyer comments on how the days are calm but says they will not stay so forever. In class Mr. Cat tells a story of meeting a legendary dancer in his younger years to explain the importance of practicing the basics of ballet. During the story the still-corrupted heart shard in Mytho's heart acts up, and he later steals the shoes given to Mr. Cat by his role model. Rue speaks with her father, who is revealed to be the Raven from the story, and praises how the raven's blood in Mytho's body is changing him like they wanted. Meanwhile, Duck climbs to the roof of the dorms and sees first a crow, and then Mytho jumping from his dorm window while talking to Fakir. For a second time, Duck transforms into Princess Tutu to save him.

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