Princess Tutu Episode 23

Added: March 4, 2014

Tutu has been captured and brought to the puppet world that is made entirely of gears. Fakir realizes that he has to write a story to get her out of there, but is having a hard time thinking of what he should write. Tutu wanders the puppet world puppets of clowns gather around her saying she stopped the story and the gears. Her whole body is turned to puppet and she meets Drosselmeyer, where he demands she become one of his puppets and do whatever he tells her so the story will not end. Meanwhile, Uzura meets the ghost of Edel at the bottom of the story machine and starts to turn the gears of the story backwards, prompting flashbacks and revelations for Rue, Duck, and Fakir. Fakir finally manages to write Tutu out of the machine, and calls her back out to him.

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