KILL la KILL Episode 21

Added: March 6, 2014

Satsuki and Senketsu begin their fight against Ryuko to try and bring her back to her senses, but they soon find themselves overwhelmed. The Elite Four soon join the battle, distracting Ryuko so that Ira can use his device to try and remove Junketsu. However, they are interrupted by Nui, who reveals that she has stitched Junketsu to Ryuko's Life Fibers, and forcibly removing it will kill her. Meanwhile, Ragyo uses the power of the Covers to give the original Life Fiber the power of flight. As Mako tries to reason with Ryuko, Senketsu puts himself onto her to protect her. Satsuki manages to make an opening for Mako and Senketsu to dive inside Ryuko's body, where their words bring Ryuko back to her senses, allowing her to break free from Junketsu.

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