KILL la KILL Episode 23

Added: March 20, 2014

Ryuko and Satsuki arrive at the original Life Fiber to confront Ragyo, who wields her own set of blades that prove resilient to their weapons. As the original Life Fiber turns it attack towards the ship, the Elite Four don new Goku Uniforms to assist Mako. During the battle, Ragyo cuts Ryuko's body in two, but this is revealed to be a plan laid out by Ryuko, who has Satsuki distract Ragyo while she heals in the ocean and targets the Life Fiber. Spurred on by the arrival of Mako, who uses her sheer willpower along with the support of the other Honnouji students to launch the Naked Sol like a giant dagger, Ryuko manages to cut through the core of the Life Fiber and send it crashing down. As Nui finishes preparations for Ragyo's ultimate Kamui, Shinra-Koketsu, absorbing Rei to power it up, Ryuko and the others prepare for the final battle.

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