Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 50

Added: December 7, 2011

As Roy's team and Mrs. Bradley are cornered by Central soldiers, Team Charlie, Roy's old Ishbal squadron, intervenes and saves them. Meanwhile, the Briggs soldiers, led by Buccaneer, join the battle. As Roy's team begins to run low on ammo, they are saved Rebecca and Maria Ross. Roy calls the person who had Ross return from Xing, and he is surprised to hear Havoc at the other end. During the chaos, Ed's group manages to sneak underground via the Third Laboratory, where the group then splits up. Ed, Scar, Darius, Zanpano, and Jelso go in one direction while Hohenheim and Lan Fan go in the other. However, at that moment, one of the generals awakens the mannequin soldiers.

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