Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 51

Added: December 7, 2011

As Ed's group arrives at the door where Al had fought against Lust, the mannequin soldiers emerge from it. Meanwhile, Olivier is attacked by Sloth, who had been ordered to kill her. Al and Heinkel learn too late that Pride had been sending a morse code message from banging a stick onto Al's head, and they are soon attacked by Kimblee, who frees Pride from his imprisonment. In the sewers, May is also attacked by the mannequins, and when Envy manages to merge with them, he returns to his regular form. As Olivier struggles against Sloth, Armstrong rescues her and joins the fight. Al transmutes his legs off in order to help Heinkel, who then gives him the Philosopher's Stone that Kimblee had previously lost. Al uses it to restore his legs and face Pride and Kimblee.

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