Needless Episode 20

Added: March 8, 2012

In the past, Gido was among the scientists working on the "Adam Project". After seventy-seven failures, Gido was told that the project may be discontinued if the current test subject yields no results. Ishiyama, head of the Triple Six Committee, orders for this project to be terminated as a result. However, Gido and his team are given a chance to continue the project, in charge of two test subjects later recognized as Blade and Arclight. Upon completion of the project, Arclight was deemed a failure, while Blade turned out a success. Arclight is disposed into a landfill near the laboratory. Gido is asked by Kazumi, one of his lab partners, to go on a vacation together. Later on, Kannazuki, another one of his lab partners, is worried about Gido, after Kazumi had been lost in a lab accident. Gido introduces Blade to Eve as his mating partner.

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