Bodacious Space Pirates Episode 3

Added: March 19, 2012

Marika activates the Odette's security system, which stops the hackers and counter-hacks into their ship but due to its massive power consumption, it causes the dock's power breaker to trip. Nevertheless, the counterattack forces the hackers' ship to run away. During Marika's work, Chiaki reveals the various organizations monitoring her have agreed to leave her alone until the Letter of marque's renewal date. Being safe for now, Marika and space yacht club take their exams before the club's summer vacation begins. With Kane and Misa joining them, the space yacht club begin their summer vacation traveling the Odette II all around the Tau Ceti system. As they activate the ship's solar sails, the main mast gets stuck with the upper yard. Unable to fix it automatically, Kane decides to bring Marika, Chiaki and a few students to manually fix the ship's mast. After suiting up in their spacesuits, Kane leads the students outside to the ship's main mast. Kane asks the students how can they release the main mast which Marika observes the situation and gives him a good answer. Impressed, Kane has Marika take charge while the students outside and the bridge help her free the main mast. With all of the ship masts opening their solar sails, everyone returns inside the Odette II but not before Marika marvels the sight of seeing her home planet from space.

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