Bodacious Space Pirates Episode 8

Added: March 19, 2012

The stowaway reveals herself as Princess Gruier Serenity of the Serenity Star System after Marika explains to her that her father Gonzaemon, the person Gruier actually wanted to meet, has passed away. After introducing Gruier to the crew of the Bentenmaru, Gruier requests Marika to help her find a golden ghost ship. While Gruier claims that her officials are aware where she is, a recent official Serenity news report that Misa found on the other hand says Gruier is reported missing much to everyone's suspicions. Suspecting a plot, Gruier transfers to Hakuho Academy as transfer student who's popularity would prevent anyone kidnapping her while Misa investigates. When Marika is called for a emergency job with Gruier tagging along, the Bentenmaru learns six ships from the Serenity Defense Force are heading toward their star system but all of them are in battle mode and five of them are chasing a damaged Corback scout ship which the Morning Star government has tasked them to investigate. Gruier believes the scout ship has the item she requested and the other ships are trying to prevent it from delivering it to her. Now knowing what to do, the Bentenmaru prepares to meet the Serenity ships.

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