Bodacious Space Pirates Episode 9

Added: March 19, 2012

Marika helps Gruier order all of the Serenity ships to cease all hostilities while the Bentenmaru boards the damaged ship. Marika and Gruier greets Grand Chamberlain Yotof and head bodyguard Catherine, who have come to deliver clothes to the princess when in truth, they're actually giving her the information she needs to find the golden ghost ship. When Marika returns to school, she finds Chiaki at the space yacht club who tells her that the Barbaroosa has been tasked by a client to not only find the golden ghost ship but destroy any ships pursing it as well. After the space yacht club welcomes back Chiaki, Gruier arrives and ask Jenny for help as she learns from Mami that the club that can help her fake her school attendances for days. Understanding it's related to Marika's job, Jenny helps Gruier by having her join the club which they will be also going for another space cruise school trip. This way, both Marika and Gruier's attendances will not be affected since they are supposedly on a school trip. Later that night, Marika and Ririka heads to a private restaurant owned by the Head Chef of the Airport Cafeteria where Gruier and the Bentenmaru crew are there as well. Radar and Sensor specialist Hyakume explains the golden ghost ship is in fact one of the first generation colony transport ships before FTL travel was perfected and the data that Gruier was given shows the pattern the golden ghost ship has been traveling in the galaxy. Now knowing where they can find the ship and the dangers they face, Marika orders the Bentenmaru to set sail by FTL.

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