Bodacious Space Pirates Episode 11

Added: March 19, 2012

As Schnitzer orders the crew to prepare themselves for boarding the ghost ship, Marika learns the Serenity Fleet is lead by the Serenity Royal Flagship, The Queen Serendipity. As she has Misa teach Gruier how to use a space suit, Marika learns from Coorie the Serenity Fleet has gone into a prism formation to easily catch the ghost ship. Despite knowing the Serenity Fleet will be there, Marika orders an FTL jump to the location and orders the crew to prepare themselves. Upon arrival, the Bentenmaru suddenly find themselves in a spatial rip which Kane sails the ship out to safety. Reaching safety, the crew turns back the ship systems online and learns the cause of the rift was the golden ghost ship itself which has just came out from subspace. However, the Serenity Fleet has arrived as well, where the Queen Serendipity contacts the Bentenmaru who wishes to speak with Gruier as requested by their leader, Princess Grunhilde Serenity, Gruier's younger sister. Grunhilde orders Gruier to leave the golden ghost ship or there will be hostilities which the latter refuses. As the Bentenmaru speedily heads to the ghost ship, also named the Queen Serendipity, the ship's computer does a scan on the Bentenmaru and recognizes Gruier and allows the Bentenmaru to dock inside before it goes into another subspace jump. Gruier thanks the crew for all they have done and doesn't want to burden them anymore so she wants to board the ghost ship all by herself. But Marika refuses since it is still her duty as captain to protect her crew and passengers which includes Gruier herself.

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