Strike Witches 2 Episode 5

Added: April 14, 2012

While Yoshika, Shirley and Lucchini are in Romagna's capital, Roma, buying supplies and gifts, Lucchini spots a girl named Maria being accosted by some suited men and rescues her. The two quickly become friends and spend the day exploring the city, although Lucchini ends up spending all the food money Shirley gave her. When a Neuroi ship appears, Lucchini rejoins Yoshika and Shirley to defeat it. Afterward, Lucchini treats Maria to a bird's eye view of Roma, telling her the importance of protecting it. After they return home, it is revealed that Maria is actually the Duchess of the Principality of Romagna, who gives her thanks to Lucchini during her inauguration by airdropping food supplies to the Witches.

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