Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 38

Added: April 28, 2012

Pegasus moves the duel into the Shadow Realm turning the duel into a Shadow Game and separating Yugi from his friends. Pagasus summons Relinquished a fearsome monsters that uses its enemies as shields. Yugi crumples in exhaustion under the crippling strain of maintaining his monsters in the Shadow Game. His friends yell desperate encouragement, but their voices cannot penetrate the sphere of darkness. Only Yami Yugi can duel now but he is at the mercy of Pegasus Millennium Eye. Yugi's chance at victory is slipping away and his very soul is in danger of being shredder across the Shadow Realm. Meanwhile: Yami Bakura is after Mokuba's body to that his evil spirit can possess it. Tristan, however, take the Millennium Ring containing the evil spirit away from Bakura and throws it away.

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