Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 39

Added: April 28, 2012

Pegasus' Relinquished has captured Yugi's Dark Magician and his time bomb monster is ready to blow it to bits taking out whats left of Yugi's life points with it. Joey, Tristan, and Tea pull together to help Yugi and protect Yami Yugi from Pegasus' mind-reading. Yami Yugi saves his Dark Magician the waiting time bomb. Using a Mind Control card Yami Yugi captures Relinquished. Then with the last card Yugi played he performs a Dark Magic Ritual sacrificing the Dark Magician as well as Pegasus' time bomb creating the Magician of Black Chaos. But Pegasus counters buy fusing Relinquished with Thousand Eyes Idle creating Thousand Eyes Restrict. The Thousand Eyes Restrict parallelizes the Magician of Black Chaos but Yami Yugi counters with Kuriboh combined with his Multiply card forcing the Thousand Eyes Restrict to attempt to copy them all. The Kuribohs explode on contact blinding the Restrict and freeing the Magician of Black Chaos to attack, destroying the Thousand Eyes Restrict and ending the duel.Pegasus slips away before releasing the spirits he stole. Despite Tristan's efforts Yami Bakura returns and plots to take Pegasus' Millennium item from him.

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