Bodacious Space Pirates Episode 17

Added: April 28, 2012

Lynn reveals the job offer was from Jenny herself as she wants Marika to help her escape from the cruise liner Ultimate Fairy as her uncle, Robert Dolittle, the current head of Hugh and Dolittle Interstellar Transportation, is marrying her off to prevent Jenny from inheriting the company. Despite Chiaki's warnings that her pirating license will be terminated if she kidnaps Jenny, Marika stills takes the job to save her. However, Jenny manages to escapes using Silent Whisper, an advanced military scout ship, docks into the Bentenmaru and runs to Lynn and kisses her, revealing that both of them are lovers. Meanwhile, Robert has learn Jenny escaped with the Bentenmaru and orders Show from Harry Llyod Insurances to tell them where Jenny is, claiming the Bentenmaru kidnapped her or they will cut ties with them. When Show informs the Bentenmaru of the situation, Jenny explains it's a lie from her uncle, Robert, and she actually hired the Bentenmaru to escort her to Space University, where the Dolittle space fleet cannot chase her as it is neutral territory. As payment for the job, Jenny's popular interstellar travel company Fairy Jane, will give ten percent of their profits to Harry Llyod's for ten years, which convinces Show to not give in to Robert. With their insurance company backing them, Marika and the Bentenmaru set course to Space University while escaping the Dolittle space fleet.

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