Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 141

Added: May 20, 2012

Yugi continues fending off Marik's attacks, holding out until he has the cards he needs to defeat Marik. Finally, he summons Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl and uses them to activate Ragnarok - a magic card with the ability to destroy all the monsters on Marik's field, including his Winged Dragon of Ra that he fused himself with. But Yami Marik claims that if Ra is destroyed (which will leave the good Marik with only 1 life point), then the good Marik will be too weak to resist the power of the Shadow Realm, and will consequently lose his soul. Then, Odion arrives (although he is still weak), and tells Yami Marik that he has come to release his master (the good Marik), although Yami Marik counters this by saying that Marik's good half is almost completely gone, and that he has come to stay.

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