Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 142

Added: May 20, 2012

Odion tries to get the good Marik to resist his evil half. As a result, Yami Marik becomes angered, and attacks Odion with the Millenium Rod, which weakens Odion even more. Odion doesn't give up, despite Ishizu's protests. As Marik continues his onslaught (which begins to injure Odion), Odion tells Marik's good side that together, they had conqerored his evil have before, and that they could do it again. Then, he tells the good Marik that since Yami Marik was created by the good Marik's hatred, he has the power to destroy him. As Yami Marik raises the Rod to deliever the final blow, the good Marik disappears from the field, and begins fighting against Yami Marik, who struggles for control over Marik's body, and refuses to be defeated. However, Marik's good half stalls Yami Marik long enough for Yugi to activate his trap. Yugi's Ragnarok magic succeeds in destroying the Winged Dragon of Ra, allowing the good Marik to regain control of his body. However, a sliver of Yami Marik reappears on the field, although this time, he is the victim. Yami Marik tries to convince the good Marik to help him seize the Millenium Items and rule the rule together, but fails. Marik surrenders the duel to Yugi, which sends Yami Marik to the Shadow Realm, ending the Battle City finals. Kaiba then activates the Duel Tower's self-destruct sequence, giving everybody one hour to get off the island before it explodes.

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