Bodacious Space Pirates Episode 23

Added: June 9, 2012

The new ship, the Parabellum, a privateer pirate ship under the Galactic Empire, is piloted by the mysterious Ironbeard, who drives off the enemy ship, the Grand Cross. After Ironbeard warns Marika that space pirates will be wiped out if nothing is done before retreating, the Bentenmaru manages to get everyone off the Big Catch before it explodes. Later, Chiaki once again enrolls into Hakuoh, informing Marika that Kenjo wants to call all of the Space Pirates who fought during the Independence War to reform the Pirate council and unite against the pirate hunters. Thanks to Gruier's sources, they now know the Grand Cross is one of four new prototype ships with Gravity Control tech made for the Imperial fleet and the Empire might be involve due to the Parabellum. In order to unite the space pirates, Chiaki tells them they need to find the Legendary Chef, a chef who serve and united the pirates during the war and the only who has the song to call them. Marika suspects the Head Chef of the Airport Cafeteria is that person only to find out that he is actually his son. Nonetheless, he plays the rally song of the pirates to all of the space pirates old comm units to gather at the Pirate's Nest. As the Bentenmaru makes its way, they are confronted by the Grand Cross.

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