Bodacious Space Pirates Episode 24

Added: June 16, 2012

As the Grand Cross attacks, Marika manages to use her quick thinking to get the Bentenmaru to safety before it takes too much damage. As they arrive at the Pirates Nest, an asteroid space station to make repairs and upgrades on their ship, Marika and Chiaki meets with Kenjo and the Head Chef's older brother, where the former informs her all of the space pirates will arrive here in three days despite attacks by the Grand Cross. Later, Marika ends up meeting the Grand Cross' captain, Quartz Christie, who reveals she is attacking the pirates for battle data for her ship and the fact pirates today don't act like pirates anymore so they are no longer needed before escaping. Meanwhile, Luca reports to Misa that Kane has been acting strange recently so they corner him. However, Misa shoots Luca, revealing Luca is actually an impostor android spy for the Grand Cross while a man who looks like Kane secretly watches. Marika talks with her mother on the phone, unaware that Ririka is with Ironbeard on the Parabellum and heading towards the Pirates Nest.

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