Bodacious Space Pirates Episode 25

Added: June 23, 2012

Luca comes back, revealing to the crew she got lost vacationing when the impostor android took over while hiding the fact Ririka helped her. The Space Pirates gathered at the main dinning hall when Quartz suddenly appears. The Pirates Nest's Head Chef orders everyone that there will be no fighting and Quartz is allowed here as she is a pirate from the Galactic Empire. To settle things, Marika challenges Quartz to a duel where the space pirates will battle against her forces which the latter agrees. However, a hotheaded Captain tries to attack Quartz but is stopped by Ironbeard and his crew, who are under orders from the Empress to bring Quartz back. As most of the pirates eat dinner, Quartz, Ironbeard and his crew are confronted by the hotheaded Captain and his crew again only to be subdued by Ririka. Misa arrives, learning that Kane was switching places with his twin brother, a member of Ironbeard's crew. Ironbeard wishes to know if the space pirates in this region will either become true pirates or privateers and Marika's determination impresses him. With Bentenmaru repaired and upgraded, Marika, chosen to become the leader of the entire Space Pirates forces, leads them to their destination for their duel with the Grand Cross.

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