MÄR Episode 15

Added: October 22, 2012

A filler episode. Ginta's team runs into John Peach, a loudmouthed boy claiming himself to be the hero that shall save MÄR-Heaven from under the Chess Pieces claws. He steals (thinking he's earned it) gold from some thieves who happens to have a strong spider ÄRM (who he later gets by accident). peach, thinking he's the hero, challenges Ginta to a match which snow later says will be a race. stupid things happen, and Dorothy later explains that the spider ÄRM is really rare because no one uses it, because the spider is uncontrollable and to stop it, it has to eat the user. Peach activates it, and much to his avail, almost gets eaten by it. Ginta saves the day, and Peach says he'll get stronger.

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