Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Episode 1

Added: January 1, 2013

A shy and meek young boy named Yugi Muto is a student, who is bullied by his classmate Joey Wheeler. The hall monitor, Tetsu Trudge, forcibly becomes Yugi's bodyguard, beating up Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor, and then says that Yugi owes him money. Trudge later beats up Yugi, but Joey and Tristan try to intervene, only to be beaten up as well. One day, Yugi solves the Millennium Puzzle after working on it for eight years, heralding the return of the Shadow Games. In the process, he unknowingly changes his own life forever by releasing his alter-ego, known as Yami Yugi, who is the "King of Games", and challenges Trudge to a Shadow Game. Trudge loses after a failed attempt to cheat, and Yami Yugi enforces a Penalty Game upon him, which results in Trudge hallucinating that there were monsters coming out of a body of water that were about to eat him. After all of that, Yugi, Tristan, and Joey become life-long friends with Yugi's childhood friend, Téa Gardner, and Tristan's crush, Miho Nosaka, joins the group.

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